We are proud to have some of the most knowledgeable technicians in the business. Several, have been with us over 10 yrs. They continue to receive ongoing factory training and certifications in all new Generac products and technology.


We do not believe in “high pressure sales”. Our goal is to simply meet the homeowner’s needs at a price that they can afford, whatever that may be. What many people don’t realize is there is a generator for every budget, it just depends on your needs.


Our sales team has received extensive training in all the to help you choose the right size and type of generator. We want to provide you with a generator that meets your present needs but will be able to do so without problems or regrets down the road. They know exactly what will and what will not work for your home.

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Why a Standby Generac Generator

Who is Generac?

There are automatic backup generators that monitor the power coming into your home. When there is a loss of grid power, the generator automatically starts and begins to supply power to the house until the grid power is restored. At that point, the generator turns off and is in ready mode until the subsequent power failure. These units are located outside your home and operate using propane or natural gas.

Why invest in an automatic backup generator instead of a more affordable portable generator?

There are many benefits to an automatic backup generator, including:

  • They are installed outside your home for added safety to prevent deadly carbon monoxide poisoning from exhaust buildup.
  • The automatic backup generator will monitor the incoming grid power and activate the generator even when you are not home, ensuring that your home and essential items like the HVAC, freezer and refrigerator always have power.
  • The fuel source for a backup generator is more cost-effective and safer to store in large quantities to ensure that you are always prepared for a power failure.
How do I correctly size a backup generator for my home?

The experts at Louisiana Generator have years of experience properly sizing generators to meet the needs of any home. Our experts are happy to work with you and evaluate your home to ensure you purchase the correct size generator for your house.

Do Generac generators need maintenance?

All mechanical devices require regular maintenance and care to perform correctly when needed. A Generac generator requires regular services, including oil and filter changes. Louisiana Generator recommends that your Generac be serviced by our experts every six months to ensure it is ready to provide the power your home needs at a moment's notice. We offer several maintenance packages to ensure your Generac gets the necessary care at the most reasonable prices.

What happens if there is an overload of the system?

Generac generators are equipped with a safety feature to provide overload protection. In the rare event that the generator becomes overloaded, a circuit breaker will trip and disconnect the load to protect the generator and your home. Once the overload is eliminated, and the breaker is reset, the generator will be ready to power your home in the event of a power failure.

Can I use a Generac backup generator as my primary power supply for my home?

There are several reasons that a Generac backup generator is not suitable as your home's primary power source. First, the unit's fuel cost would be much more expensive than power purchased from a utility company. In addition, Generac backup generators are only designed to function in a backup capacity. They are not intended to operate constantly and should not be used as a long-term power source, as this inappropriate application will void the warranty.


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When you purchase a generator from Louisiana Generator, there are 5 things we worry about for you.

1. We will size your generator correctly (we will not undersize or unnecessarily oversize)

2. We will quote your installation in the least expensive option possible. Our experience in the field guarantees this.

3. We will install your generator legally and to code.

4. We will insist your generator be maintained properly and can provide this service to you at a very fair and reasonable rate. We highly suggest thinking twice before investing in a generator if you do not plan on maintaining it properly. The chances of having a generator function the way it should during a power outage are much lower when it has not been maintained properly and the chances of the customer unfairly finding fault with the manufacture or the installer when generator does not function properly are much higher. It’s a no-win situation for both customer and installer.

5. We will provide service after the sale. If you are one of our 2000+ Maintenance Contract Customers, you will have access to a technician on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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