Standby Power Generator Maintenance

After spending hours of discomfort and concern for the safety of your loved ones and home, it is easy to understand why you decided to purchase a generator from the experts at Louisiana Generator. Nothing is more reassuring when you know a storm is coming than having a whole house standby generator ready to step up and provide the power you and your loved ones need. But soon after making the significant decision to have a standby generator installed, you could start to worry about what is included in the maintenance for this new and life-altering device.

Can I Handle The Maintenance Myself?

When customers want to learn more about the maintenance required by any generator they purchase, the Louisiana Generator team is happy to provide more information and details. In addition, we are always pleased that a customer is thinking about the future care that their generator will require. As you might have guessed, these complex devices will require regular care and inspections to provide the long-term dependability you want for your investment backup power. But before you decide if you can take on the maintenance for your new generator, it is vital that you understand some of the services and skills needed for the job.

Complete Standby Generator Service

Proper care for your generator will include a list of over 20 tasks that include cleaning the unit, checking components like the governor voltage, frequency, and brushes, and changing perishable items like the oil and spark plugs. So unless you are very mechanically inclined and have the time to devote to learning the techniques and processes the pros use for generator maintenance, we recommend that you have your generator maintained by our pros using one of our membership maintenance plans.

The Diamond Level

Our diamond level service membership includes one annual visit to your home to perform the yearly maintenance like the oil and oil filter change, replacing the spark plugs, and changing the air filter. In addition, we will complete a lengthy list of inspections of all the critical components of the generator to ensure that it will step into action the moment your home loses power. In addition to this service, our diamond level membership includes three quarterly visits to inspect the generator and ensure it is working perfectly and ready to power your home at a moment’s notice.

The Power Level

Our power level membership includes all of the annual services such as the oil, oil filter, air filter change, and the comprehensive inspection and cleaning of the generator. However, it does not include the quarterly readiness checks. This service plan is ideal for the owner who is willing to make a thorough visual inspection and test their generator every few months on their own to ensure it is ready to function in the event of a power failure. Your home’s standby power generator is only as reliable as the maintenance and service it receives. Therefore, we recommend you select a Louisiana Generator service membership plan for the most reliability and ensure that your generator is always ready to meet your needs.

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