Standby Power Generator Installation In Baton Rouge

Many homeowners in the Baton Rouge area are under the impression that adding a standby generator to their homes is an arduous and lengthy process. However, when you call 225-224-3005 and speak to the pros at Louisiana Generator, you will be pleasantly surprised. These experts walk customers through the entire process from start to finish, providing guidance and expertise to ensure the success of your standby power generator.

Securing The Proper Approval

The process of getting permits for a standby generator installation in Baton Rouge can take a bit of time. However, when you work with the Louisiana Generator team, they take care of all the paperwork and submissions needed to ensure that you have the necessary permits and that the unit is installed per all local building codes. The most significant benefit of working with this team is that they have installed thousands of standby generators in Baton Rouge and across the state. This level of experience ensures they are very familiar with the process and information needed to apply and secure your permits without adding undue stress to your life.

Getting Ready For The Big Day

Before your new standby generator can be installed, the Louisiana Generator experts will prep the installation area to ensure a smooth and timely installation process. The preparations will vary depending on the location. In some cases, a concrete pad is poured to serve as the foundation for the generator. If the unit will be located on an existing concrete slab, the pros could begin getting the electrical access ready for installation or removing any obstacles from the area. This is also the time that site prep is completed for any additional propane tank, gas storage tank, or gas lines to power the new generator.

When The Unit Arrives

On the day of the installation, your backup generator will arrive and be placed on the prepped pad. Next, the power connections and monitoring components, including the transfer switch, are installed, connecting your standby generator to the electrical system in your home. And finally, the gas or propane power supply is connected to the generator. Then it is time to put the unit through a test simulation.

Seeing Your Generator In Action

Once your standby generator is installed, our crew will run a power failure simulation to ensure everything is functioning correctly. The process involves turning off the power to your house to confirm that the monitoring system detects the loss of power, starts the generator, and activates the transfer switch to begin powering your home via the generator.

With the testing process completed, you can rest easy knowing that your home will always have reliable power, even when the grid fails. And should you ever have questions or concerns about your standby generator, the experts at Louisiana Generator are just a call away at 225-224-3005. We have decades of experience and expertise in the industry and are here to ensure that your loved ones and home always have the power needed to remain safe and comfortable in your Baton Rouge home.

Louisiana Generators Serving Baton Rouge, LA

When you’re trying to find a generator that you’ll be able to rely on, you might not always know where to turn. At Louisiana Generators, we aim to provide you with the information and expertise that you need so that you can finance the generator that best fits your home. While Baton Rouge has some protection against flooding, you’ll still experience the occasional power outage, which is why you’ll need a backup plan.

About Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is one of the largest cities in Louisiana and serves as its capital. It’s home to a myriad of cultures that all come together at once, which is why you’ll find amazing restaurants, artwork, and more. This city also loves football, with some citizens often attending each and every LSU game.

Benefits of a Generator

If you’re wondering why a generator is a good purchase, you’re going to think about some of the points below. It pays off to be prepared, especially since Louisiana is known as a stormy state. For more information on how a generator can help you, you’ll want to head to Louisiana Generators.

  • Battle The Hurricanes: Hurricanes can be difficult to deal with, but when you have a working generator, you’ll be able to brave the storm while still taking advantage of working electricity.
  • Immediate Responses: When the power goes out, you aren’t going to want to trudge out into the rain just to pour gallons of gasoline into your generator. For a quicker response, you’ll want to trust our models. They can react to a power outage almost instantaneously.
  • The Convenience: When you have a generator that’s ready to go, you won’t have to worry about the food in your freezer, the drop in temperature from your A/C not working, or lighting candles. It’s incredibly convenient, safe, and reliable.

If you still have questions about your next generator, we’re here to answer them. For those who want to make sure they scheduled maintenance, you’ll want to view our membership options.

Locally Owned and Operated

When you purchase your generator through a larger company, you shouldn’t expect the best customer service. They have a lot of customers to tend to and may be dealing with multiple states at once. Louisiana Generators is a locally owned company, which is why we’re able to respond to your problems quickly once you contact us.

Protection Against Surges

A single bolt of lightning is capable of frying most of the electronics in your house, which is why you may want to consider equipping a surge suppressor. This can help save expensive items like your computer from damage.

Protection Against Surges

If you’re passing through the Baton Rouge area, you may want to take the time to check out some of these locations.

  • Louisiana’s Old State Capitol: If you’re a fan of history, you might want to take the time to stop by the old capital. It’s a gorgeous view, and you’ll find that it’s now been converted into a museum.
  • LSU Campus: If you want to spend some time with the locals, you may want to visit the college campus. You’ll find plenty of restaurants alongside some amazing architecture.
  • See a Football Game: While tickets aren’t always easy to get, you’re sure to have a memorable experience.

When you need a generator that you can count on, you’ll want to contact Louisiana Generators for financing.

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