Whole Home Surge Protector

If you're looking to protect your home or business from an electrical surge or lightning strike, there is no better way than a surge suppressor from Valentine Mechanical.

Up to $100,000 Warranty

At our option, PSP Products Inc. will repair or replace any Model Surge Protector that is defective or is damaged by an electrical surge (including those caused by lightning) for a period of ten (10) years from date of purchase

Non Obtrusive

Flush mount plate option available for finished walls

Protect Your Home or Business

Will protect all of your electronics, appliances and anything in your home or business that is downsteam of your meter box.

How A Whole Home Surge Protector Works

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Whole Home Surge Protector at Louisiana Generators

If you’re from Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or Lafayette, you’re probably aware that storms can cause an incredible amount of damage. While it’s easy to focus on what a lack of power will do to your home, you’re also going to want to take the time to evaluate whether or not you need to protect your home from a surge in power as well. When you need a surge protector that’s truly reliable, you’ll want to contact Louisiana Generators.

What Is a Surge Protector?

The whole point of a generator is to get you up and running again when the power goes out. This can be incredibly convenient, as you might not know how long you’ll be spending under gloomy weather, and you’ll be able to easily get back to whatever you were doing before. While it’s easy to deal with a drop in power, you might be wondering how you would handle a surge. This is where a surge protector comes in, as it essentially serves as a shield. Once that huge electrical current hits the surge protector, it’ll work to protect anything and everything that comes after it. At Louisiana Generators, we offer surge protectors that can take care of your entire home, so you don’t have to worry about leaving sections of your house unprotected. This small purchase can potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as you won’t have to worry about frying all your sensitive electronics.

What Causes a Surge?

While there are multiple causes for power surges, these three tend to be some of the most common.

  • Lightning Can Strike Twice: You might have been told that lightning can’t strike the same place twice, but that’s actually false. Lightning is one of the most common causes of a surge as it’s essentially one big bolt of electricity.
  • Faulty Utility Equipment: When something happens to the utility equipment down the road, it can potentially cause a surge. Whether a tree decided to fall on some lines, or a machine went haywire, you’ll still be dealing with the after-effects.
  • Plugging Too Many Items In: If you plug too many items into one circuit, it could eventually lead to a power surge. This is because a single circuit is trying to compensate for all these devices at once, which won’t always work out well. If this is your issue, you’ll want to consider installing more outlets in your home.

Security For Your Household or Business

A surge can do a lot of damage in a near-instant. When you want to make sure that you don’t fall victim to any of the issues below, you’ll want to contact us.

  • Dead Electronics: Everything from your TV to your microwave is going to be plugged into the wall, and they probably won’t be able to handle all the intense electricity that’s going to come barreling toward them.
  • Destroyed Wiring: The wires in your wall and the outlets that they’re connected to are only rated to take a certain amount of electricity. Depending on the size of the surge, you might find damage throughout your house, as these devices simply weren’t designed to withstand so much voltage.
  • Potential Fires: Electrical fires can be incredibly difficult to deal with as water won’t do the trick. If you decide to throw water on an electrical fire, it can cause them to quickly grow larger, which can make them spiral out of control.

When you want to add a surge protector to your home or finance your next generator, you’ll want to call Louisiana Generators.

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