Standby Power Generator Dealer in Covington

As the parish seat of St. Tammany, the comfortable community of Covington is home to roughly 11,500 residents. It is also the location of the Tammany Trace 31-mile paved trail enjoyed by hikers, runners, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. But when storms blow in off the Gulf, many in this tight-knit community brace for potentially days without power. However, those who have invested in a Generac backup generator from Louisiana Generator rest easier knowing that their loved ones and home will be safe and fully functional regardless of the condition of the local power grid.

Unwavering Dependability And Peace Of Mind

As the leader in the backup generator industry, Generac is the manufacturer that sets the bar for quality and value. The automatic power monitoring and transfer switch mean that your home will never be without power, even if you are not available to start the generator. The entire process is automated to ensure your loved ones are safe and comfortable inside your fully powered home. While other homes are dark and almost unlivable, you and your loved ones will enjoy:

  • Reliable power to all appliances in your home for refrigeration, cooking, and cleaning
  • Continued HVAC function
  • Dependable long-term power for medical devices
  • Continued service from all electric safety and security devices

All you need to do to have this incredible peace of mind is call Louisiana Generators at 225-224-3005 for a complete price quote for an automated backup generator system for your Covington home.

Maximum Reliability From The Louisiana Generator Team

Your Generac backup generator will only remain reliable if it receives the annual maintenance and testing recommended by the manufacturer. And there is no better team to trust for this vital service than the experts at Louisiana Generator. With nearly 20 years in the generator industry, these pros have perfected the installation and care of all Generac products.

To make it even easier for Covington customers to get the generator care they need, Louisiana Generator offers a variety of Power Club memberships at very reasonable rates. The packages range from one annual complete maintenance visit and an additional inspection per year to the annual maintenance service and three inspection visits per year. The goal is to allow customers to select the amount of assistance that best meets their needs while ensuring the dependability and perfect performance of each Generac backup generator in Covington. Contact Louisiana Generators at 225-224-3005 to learn more about this superior service.

Attractions In Covington

The historic downtown district is the location of many activities and events throughout the year, from the annual festivals to art shows and parades.

Tammany Trace is the perfect way to explore the Northshore, via car, on foot, bike, or kayak. Once a corridor for the railway, this 31-mile nature trail is now a great way to get outdoors, enjoy nature, and partake in some exercise.

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