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When you are concerned about the ramifications of a power outage at your home in Baton Rouge, the team at Louisiana Generators has the solution. A Generac standby generator will be ready to deliver all the power your home needs to function normally when your local electricity is not working. It could be a downed power line, damage from a storm, or failed equipment causing the power outage. But your home will be safe and functional thanks to your Generac whole home standby generator installed by Louisiana Generators. Call 225-224-3005 to learn more about how a Generac standby generator can eliminate your worries when the power fails.

The Benefits Of Whole Home Generators

Some parts of the country rarely experience a power failure of more than a few minutes. However, in Baton Rouge, our community has suffered extended power outages due to harsh weather more times than most would like to count. And when those disasters occur, it can be days or even weeks before you have reliable power to your home, unless you have a backup generator from Generac. This single device will:

  • Allow you to remain in your home with all of your belongings and necessities
  • Provide the power needed to keep your cold and frozen food safe for your family
  • Protect your home from damage due to extreme heat or cold because it will power your HVAC system
  • Add value to your home, especially in our region where power failures are more prevalent
  • Provide power for any medical devices you or your loved ones need

No other device will provide the peace of mind you need when your home’s electrical supply is threatened.

Professional Maintenance And Service For Added Confidence

Your home’s backup generator will require annual service and readiness inspections to ensure that it is ready to function at a moment’s notice. The team at Louisiana Generators has created a series of service memberships to provide the care your generator needs to take care of your home and loved ones when they need it the most. Our service team has your back from the Power level that provides annual care and maintenance to the Diamond level that delivers all the maintenance services plus a quarterly visit for a professional readiness check.

Added Protection For Your Home

In addition to dependable backup power options, the team at Louisiana Generators offers whole-home surge protection to eliminate worries about electrical surges, lighting, and other power anomalies from damaging your home’s electrical system, generator, and other appliances. Call us at 225-224-3005 to learn more about these vital safety features for your home.

Attractions In Baton Rouge

  • The Baton Rouge Zoo began in 1966 and is now an active member in 30 international Species Survival Plans and countless educational programs.
  • The Louisiana Art And Science Museum offers many hands-on activities for children, a stargazing planetarium, and rotating exhibits from around the world.
  • The Oasis offers everything you could want in a single venue with a bar and grill, sports and recreation facilities, and live music for a visit or to book your special event.

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