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Homeowners in Lafayette appreciate that their hometown is known as the Happiest City In America. However, like any community, there can be challenges. And in Lafayette, one of the most difficult occurrences is an extended power outage due to a damaging storm coming in from the Gulf. Unlike other parts of the country that experience a few short power failures a year, residents in Lafayette know that when the grid fails, they could be facing days without electricity in their homes. That is unless they have made the wise investment in a Generac backup generator from Louisiana Generator.

Simple And Dependable Peace Of Mind

When a storm blows into Lafayette, every homeowner begins to feel added stress and worry about the safety of their loved ones and home. And when the power goes out, that stress increases monumentally. None of your home's safety and comfort features will function without electricity, making the simplest tasks very difficult unless you have a Generac backup generator.

The team at Louisiana Generator can install a backup system that will monitor your city power and automatically activate your generator when the grid power goes down. You don't even need to be home to flip a switch or push a button. Your Generac equipment will handle everything to ensure that:

  • The HVAC continues to heat or cool your home
  • The freezer and refrigerator will continue to maintain your food at a safe temperature
  • All of the electric appliances in your home will function perfectly
  • Security and safety systems will remain in operation

Medical equipment will have dependable long-term power

Complete Confidence From Professional Service

Like all mechanical devices, a Generac backup generator requires maintenance and testing to ensure that it is ready for service when your home experiences a power failure. With the reliability of your generator depending on this service and care, it only makes sense to entrust that maintenance to the same professionals who designed and installed your backup power system, Louisiana Generator.

For nearly 20 years, this team of professionals has been helping homeowners in Lafayette prepare for the challenge of a long-term power failure with the most reliable backup power on the market. You can review all of the Power Club memberships offered to determine how much professional care you need for your Generac, from complete annual maintenance and three inspections to one inspection per year and maintenance.

Attractions In Lafayette

The San Souci Art Gallery offers unique art from artists across Southern Louisiana. It is a great place to absorb the culture and see the work of the local talent.

If you are a fan of classic vinyl, check out Lagniappe Records for a wide assortment of music on records, tapes, and CDs by local musicians and others from around the world. This is a great place to discover Cajun music at its best.

Are you looking for a great meal and music? Blue Moon Saloon offers daily Happy Hour specials, various entertainment options, and even rooms for rent in the guest house to turn your visit into a long weekend getaway.

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