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Even as the largest city in Louisiana, the nearly 400,000 residents understand there is a genuine potential for power failures due to harsh weather coming in from the Gulf. And unlike the very short power interruption from a passing thunderstorm, NOLA residents can be forced to endure days without power unless they contact Louisiana Generator for a Generac backup generator installation. For a complete price quote and to learn more about the function of these reliable power supplies from a team of Generac experts, call 225-224-3005.

Unwavering Dependability And Peace Of Mind

Of course, you know that a Generac backup generator will provide power to your home when the grid fails for any reason. But you might not be thinking about all the added benefits and peace of mind that will come with your decision to invest in this life-altering device. Nothing is more comforting during a stressful time like a power failure than knowing that your loved ones and home are protected. Your backup generator will deliver the electricity needed to power:

  • The security system and any safety features
  • Essential medical devices will have reliable power
  • Your food will remain at a safe temperature in the freezer or refrigerator
  • You will have full use of all your home's electric cooking appliances
  • Your home's HVAC system will function flawlessly
  • You will easily move throughout your home with complete lighting and no need for potentially hazardous candles to light your home

Automation Eliminates All Stress

Certainly, all the benefits of a Generac backup generator are appealing. But homeowners often worry that transitioning to backup power will be a complex and difficult process. However, when you work with the Louisiana Generator team, they provide all of the equipment for an automated transition to backup power whenever your home loses power from the grid. You don't even need to be at home to activate the system. It monitors the power coming into your home and starts the generator when city power is lost. So you will know that your home and loved ones are always safe and secure in your home, even if you cannot be there during a power failure.

The Priceless Value Of Professional Care

As with any mechanical device or system in your home, it is only as dependable as the team that designed and installed it. With nearly two decades in the generator business, the family-owned and locally operated experts at Louisiana Generator are eager to help their neighbors in the New Orleans community with every aspect of their generator design and purchase, installation, and maintenance. The Power Club memberships allow you to select the level of care and service that will best meet your needs for service and testing your Generac backup generator.

The Priceless Value Of Professional Care

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